About Us


Helping our Aussie Farmers

K9 Rawsome creates human grade meals for canines and felines.

Providing flexibility for pet owners with having a broad range of feline and canine diets/meals available including formulated Vet Nutritionists meals of AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC including Evolutionary 80.10.10 Diets being  Franken Prey. 

K9 Rawsome upholds a vast selection of quality single proteins, bones and offal which also assists BARF and PMR enthusiasts.

 We provide Human Grade ingredients with ZERO Preservatives incorporating Australian Produce which helps our Australian farmers.

Meals are hand crafted with love including our scrumptious range of treats for both cats and dogs. Some complete formulas have fruit added because fruit and its entity contains vitamins and antioxidants  which also offer a diversity to the canine diet. 

Australian sourced ingredients is our priority. Our canine nutrition scientists have worked closely with the founder of K9 Rawsome who is  also Certified in Canine Nutrition. 

Choosing Australian ingredients puts high standards of safety first and helps our Aussie Farmers.  Choosing Human Grade Aussie meats and poultry is making a conscious decision in products being free of disease, chemical and biological contaminants.  We use first grade cuts. No 2nd grades or fatty puppy mixes.

This dedication for pet nutrition research since 2009 has brought forward a trend setting accomplishment in providing food for pets like no other. It's Real Food, High Protein for pets and changing the lives of thousands of Australian pets. 

 Our diets are popular for obvious reasons

- High Protein Diets means quality Premium food for pets eating more protein, more meat just the way nature intended it to be.

- Not filled with cheap vegetable fillers

- Human Grade ingredients with zero Preservatives

- No Gluten

- No artificial flavours or food colourings

- No Fad cooked diets

Complete meals are in accordance to AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC with vegetables is known as BARF.  Biologically Appropriate Raw Food.


How did K9 Rawsome come about?

I took my puppy to the vet in 2009 for his first vaccination.  During our consultation diet was never raised, nor was I educated in any way to know what kibble I should purchase or what I should be feeding.

This was learnt through trial and error and the first kibble purchased was Advance Puppy Growth. This was a good visual product, and I liked the word Growth on the kibble bag. However, my puppy developed a severe skin allergy and a steroid injection was advised by my veterinarian and no results were seen. 

I started researching raw food benefits which I was advised by my vet not to feed raw.  No medical treatment helped so I turned to raw feeding, after all dogs ate raw food before man invented kibble. Very quickly with promising results, my puppies skin allergy healed completely, never to arise again. Today 2021, he is 12 years old. He is Fit and Healthy with no presenting health issues at all.

I have dedicated my years of research and knowledge to help our Aussie pets.

"There is a Difference Between Thriving and Surviving".

Connie - CEO, Director and Founder