1. Where do you make K9 Rawsome Products?
 All of our Rawsome meals are manufactured by us, right here in Sydney in our 2nd manufacturing facility.
2. Who creates the recipes and formulas for your products?
The Founder and Director who is Certified in Canine Nutrition. She creates the formulas from scratch then works closely with a team of top animal & vet nutritionists to complete the % for every one of our products that are changing the lives of thousands of pets. She has over 12 years of pet food research and a 100% success rate in curing dogs allergies and minor health issues that veterinarians had no success with.
3. What steps are taken to ensure your food is safe?
We only use premium human grade ingredients, therefore safe for human consumption however processed for pets. There are no dyes or preservatives added in K9 Rawsome meals.  We are licensed with NSW Food Authority with regular checks. All produce delivered is checked by our production Manager.
4.  Are your ingredients free of hormones and antibiotics?
Yes. We use first grade ingredients, not 2nd grade or offcuts and no fatty mixes. Either farm-raised, antibiotic & hormone-free or organic wild free range including free rage eggs and much organic ingredients.  Each recipe varies.
5.  Where do you source your ingredients?
We source our ingredients from Australian Farmers.
6. How are your meals different from everybody else?
Our meals are mostly high protein diets and not over-filled with unnecessary abundant amount of vegetables being a cheap filler. Our diets reflect ancestral diets. No fad cooked diets. Raw food for pets is what nature intended it to be. Our meals are complete nutrition according to AAFCO, FEDIAF and NRC. We have 5 star rating.
7. Do you cook any ingredients?
Yes, we steam broccoli, sweet potato and pumpkin. All other vegetables stay raw to retain maximum freshness and vital nutrients.
8. What is Franken Prey Diet?

Franken Prey mimics a diet closest to what nature provides for Carnivores without the meal being presented as whole prey yet completely balanced as 80.10.10.  If you are a little squeamish at the sight of seeing a duck head or whole intact birds or brains in your pets bowl, then Franken Prey is ideal.

Our Franken Prey diets are strictly human grade premium proteins  with  no additions added such as vegetables or oils etc.

You can feed the FPD as Completely Balanced .  You  can add extras such as  vegetables , fruit or even yoghurt and eggs if you are an experienced raw feeder or to further cater for your pets requirements.

We also recommend you change the diversity of FPD that are fed in order to provide your pet an overall wellness of beneficial goodness to their health. You can add up to 25% vegetables as most dogs do well however but we suggest you keep a smaller % ratio.

Can I add FPD to kibble?

Whilst many pet owners do so and it is a controversial topic  there should be no issues at maintaining the perfect ratio of kibble to no more then 20% of the diet and raw to 80% of diet.

Just remember dogs and cats were eating raw food before man created kibble. Many pet owners are making the change in feeding quality human grade raw food with no preservatives or gluten as they understand the importance of longevity of their pets.