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FP4 80.10.10 - Roo, Beef, Chicken

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Raw food for dogs and cats.



Minced Form plus Pork Heart Diced with Roo Ground Bone 

Franken Prey Beef 80.10.10 is 100% Human Grade in minced form and consists of various proteins and muscle and organs with ground bone varying the nutrient profile and providing optimal nutrient absorption. 

Formulated to feed as Complete Evolutionary Diet of 80.10.10 Franken Prey and also allow pet owners to further add any supplements and or vegetables if required. 

Ingredients are human grade - ZERO Preservatives, Australian Produce

80% Muscle Meat / 10% Bone /10% Organs


Kangaroo 35% 

Chicken 20%

Beef 10%   

Pork Heart 10% - Diced

Roo Ground Bone 10%

Pork Tongue 5%

Duck Liver 5%

Beef Kidney 5%


Nutritional Benefits


- High protein content and low in fat

- Rich in omega 3 fatty acids

- Source of glucosamine and amino acids which stimulates bone health


Kangaroo (Free Range)

This is naturally the leanest red meat protein so is an ideal choice for dogs suffering from conditions requiring low fat diets. The low levels of fat that are present are unsaturated fats (the good kind!) Kangaroo is among the best zinc and iron levels.


Beef (Grass Fed) 

Provides essential amino acids support strong muscles.


Pork Heart and Tongue

Port heart is rich in iron and zinc, and is a great source of thiamin, vitamin B6 and B12, phosphorus, copper and selenium. The Tongue is power packed with Vitamin B helping regulate energy and carbohydrate metabolism, and activates ion channels in neural tissue. Riboflavin, B12, and niacin help facilitate enzyme function.


Duck Liver

Rich in iron and a great source of amino acids, which helps to support strong muscle development and a strong immune system. Liver is nature’s most abundant source of Vitamin A, in the most bioavailable form for carnivores.


Beef Kidney

Premium source of the trace-minerals iron and selenium. While iron is vital to the oxygen transport, selenium plays an important role in aiding the body to fight inflammation and to support cell health. Even though the levels are well below that of liver, kidneys are still a very rich source of vitamin A and this essential vitamin means it should be added as a diversity to form part of a pets diet in order to maintain optimal health. Skin, coat, muscles and nerves all require vitamin A for proper function


Nutritional Information

Protein             17.87 %
Fats                    5.23 % 
Carbohydrate    0.20 % 
Dietary Fiber           0 %    
Moisture          65.94 %
Ash                    10.76 %

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) -  (N) Neutral Food Energetics 

TCM is a properly-balanced diet which keeps your dog’s body healthy, and if need be, helps bring back health and harmony when he’s challenged with illness and disease.


What is Franken Prey?

Franken Prey mimics a diet closest to what nature provides for Carnivores without the meal being presented as whole prey yet completely balanced as 80.10.10.  If you are a little squeamish at the sight of seeing a duck head or whole intact birds or brains in your pets bowl, then Franken Prey is ideal. It is a ideal raw diet for cats and dogs.

Our Franken Prey diets are strictly human grade premium proteins .

You can feed the FPD as Completely Balanced.  Extras can be added such as  vegetables, fruit or even yoghurt and eggs if you are an experienced raw feeder or to further cater for your pets requirements.

We also recommend you change the diversity of FPD that are fed in order to provide your pet an overall wellness of beneficial goodness to their health.

You can add up to 25% vegetables as most dogs do well however we suggest you keep a smaller % ratio.


Can I add FPD to kibble? Yes

Whilst many pet owners do so and it is a controversial topic there should be no issues at maintaining the perfect ratio of kibble to no more then 20% of the diet and raw to 80% of diet.

Can I cook Franken Prey Diets?

Yes, you can however what will be the purpose of this?  Cooking food results in the loss of valuable nutrients that your pet requires. Understandably your pet may be extremely fussy and as a pet owner you may be trying frantically to make sure that your pet transitions to a raw diet.  We can suggest that if your pet is fussy then you can partially cook 10% -20% of the meal, then once cool, mix through well and feed.  After a few days, you can lower the cooked % to 5% -10% then after one week you should be able to feed FPD completely raw food.

Hint - You can always add bone broth and mix through meal to entice your pet to eat a completely raw diet.


TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine Food Energetics for pets


Pets with hot energies can be warm/hot to the touch. They will always be seeking cool places such as a cold floor to lay on or shade. They may exhibit red eyes, red skin, and pant at inappropriate times (not while exercising or excessive heat).

By TCM theory, feeding your pet raw foods that will help your pet reach a neutral state will help create balance. If your pet has a cold energy, you will want to feed foods that are warming or hot. If your pet has a hot energy, you will want to stick with cooling foods. Pets can eat foods that are considered neutral as they won't affect balance.

Cooling Foods

Cooling foods aid in clearing heat and toxins from the body, and nourishing the internals. Incorporating cooling foods into your pet’s diet will help to resolve the underlying disharmony that is causing the reaction.

‚ÄčWarming or Hot Foods

Warming foods assist in raising energy of the body and the organs as they improve circulation. Use warming foods when there is internal cold, such as pain.

Neutral foods

These foods are neither warming nor cooling but help to maintain your pet’s overall wellbeing. They can be extremely beneficial when the digestive system is weak and needs strengthening, as they are often very easy to assimilate. Food therapy, when combined with other approaches, can be a very effective way to treat allergies in out pets.





How To Thaw

1. Place package in the refrigerator overnight. 

2. Next morning, product will have thawed slightly, enough for product to be divided into portions and re-freeze. Use a sharp knife to cut through semi frozen product.

3. If you intend to completely thaw and feed whole amount, you cannot re-freeze.